2 Jan 2018

2018: The Future of TONEwood

2018, and What the Future Holds for TONEwood
Okay, the title sounds really serious and foreboding, but TONEwood isn't closing down just yet. After a few weeks of Christmas vacation, TONEwood should return to its regular updating schedule (new stuff every Friday) on the 5th of January.

15 Dec 2017

TONEwood's Top 10 Non-Metal Albums of 2017

They say variety is the spice of life. For years heavy metal has been my go-to music style, and to this day it remains the style that I consume the most of. But even if heavy metal has numerous very different subgenres, there always manages to sneak a bunch of very un-metal albums into my consciousness. These are the Top 10 non-metal albums from 2017 according to the Gospel of TONE.

12 Dec 2017

Collection Addiction #7

Collection Addiction #7
"What, no close ups?" No, no close ups this time. I purchased a sizable collection of used soul, funk, disco and RnB records - 79 vinyls to be exact. Taking a picture of each seems like a bit of a hassle, you know?

8 Dec 2017

TONEwood's Top 10 Metal Albums of 2017

Following the format from 2016, I'll be making two separate lists for the end of 2017. One specifically for metal and its subgenres, and one for all other genres - including hard rock.